New College School Visits in March

Wednesday 9 March, 2022

New College UNSW School Visits to Newcastle and the Mid-North Coast, Monday 21st March to Wednesday 23rd March 2022

We trust that this message finds you and your community well. We hope that you are emerging safely from recent floods and the COVID period.

Possible Visit and Presentation

In previous years, our Dean of Residents has visited schools in Newcastle and the mid-north coast to present information about New College at UNSW and residential colleges at other universities which have an open admissions policy but share a similar Christian ethos and where the consumption of alcohol is not permitted within our student accommodation. More information is available here.

This year, the wife of our Dean of Residents at New College is having a baby which makes it impossible for him to visit you at this time, however, a senior resident of the college will be visiting the mid-north coast in the week commencing Monday 21st March to Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

We would like to arrange visits to schools to give students (Years 10-12) the opportunity to participate in a short presentation and Q&A session. Most of our presentation focusses on New College. The presentation will cover what it is like to study at university, how academic support and pastoral care are provided to students living away from home for the first time, catering arrangements, navigating the admissions process as well as scholarship and bursary options for regional students. The presentation will also briefly describe Robert Menzies College and Morling Residential College (both on campus at Macquarie University), St Martins College (at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga), and Arundel House, St Barnabas Terraces, and Flo Harris Lodge near the University of Sydney. (

If you are interested in us visiting your school, please email Clare Burgess by Tuesday 15th March so we can begin finalising our schedule and discuss further arrangements with you. If these arrangements are not suitable, we will see whether something else is possible.

After discussions with students, parents, and schools in 2021, we have developed three new initiatives to assist students and parents with the decision about where to live at university.

Good Colleges Guide

We have developed a “Good Colleges Guide” which succinctly summarises the accommodation options at university and their key differences. This document has been prepared as a community service by New College and is suitable for assessing the options available at any university. It is available here. Please feel welcome to circulate this link to anyone thinking about moving to university next year.


Although our Dean of Residents is unable to visit this year, Jonathan Billingham will be making himself available for consultation on the fourth Thursday from April to August from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. To join Jonathan for a discussion about college at any of these times, please just use the zoom link. Please feel welcome to forward this link to anyone who may be interested.

The Acting Dean of Residents at our Postgraduate College, Edwina Hine, will be making herself available to anyone interested in postgraduate studies at UNSW via the zoom link in the same time slot.

Invited Visits to College

To experience what it is like to live in college, we have developed a special scheme for interested parents and year 12 students. We have some small guest flats in which visitors are welcome to stay. If you would like to visit and experience life within our communities, please quote VIST2023 in an enquiry e-mail Clare Burgess to stay a single night Monday through Thursday for $40. We are just a comfortable light rail trip from the city so this is an opportunity to combine the visit with an interview with the Dean of Residents and spend a day in Sydney.

We always welcome enquiries about our outstanding communities. Please feel free to contact Clare Burgess at any time or 02 9381 1999 for more information. You can always keep up to date with what is going on in our communities via Facebook and Instagram.

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