Theology & the Future

Theology & the Future

New College Lectures 2011

In 2011, the New College Lectures had the theme 'Theology and the Future'. They were held on the 27-29th September at New College at the University of New South Wales. While for some, the title might suggest otherwise, our speakers tussled with this very practical theme, and demonstrated that theology has great relevance for life. What Christians believe about God should influence how they understand the past, live within the present and contemplate the future.

Prof John McDowell

John McDowell moved to the University of Newcastle from rainy Northern Ireland in 2009. John studied for a BD at the University of Aberdeen. He undertook doctoral research at Girton College in the University of Cambridge, under the watchful eye of Professor Nicholas Lash, and thereafter spent a little over 8 years as the Meldrum Lecturer in Systematic Theology at New College in the University of Edinburgh. He is now the Morpeth Professor of Theology at the University of Newcastle.

Rev Dr David Starling

David Starling joined the Morling College faculty in 2005 as a lecturer in New Testament, and in 2007 became a full-time member of faculty. David studied at the University of Sydney and worked as an English teacher in Western Sydney for three years, before completing theological studies at Moore College and Morling College. From 2000-2006 he served as the pastor of Petersham Baptist Church. His PhD studies were at the University of Sydney, and his doctoral thesis was on an aspect of Paul’s use of the Old Testament.

Rev Dr Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen originally joined the faculty of Moore College in 2003 but took his family to Oxford for a few years to earn his doctorate, which he completed in 2008. Michael studied his first degree at Sydney University and earned three degrees at Moore College. Michael wrote his doctorate on Martyrdom and the Self and now teaches doctrine and church history. His current research interest is in the theology of human being and he is working on a project on the doctrine of God.