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Service to Society

Our Colleges encourage a spirit of care, service and mission beyond the four walls of their buildings.

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New College

New Collegians act to make a difference locally and globally. Every year, the student-led group ‘CommServe’ ensures that collegians have many chances to give back to the community.

The annual ‘Night In White’ party is a fundraiser to support victims of domestic violence. In the past few years, thousands of dollars have been donated to charities such as the St Vincent de Paul Society’s Killara Refuge and Mary’s House.

It is also common for a number of students to shave their heads each year for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave campaign.

Others are involved with the Bread of Life program at Vine Church in Surry Hills and the Exodus Foundation’s Loaves and Fishes Restaurant, providing food for people in need and supporting those who are homeless.

The College’s designated group for promoting environmental awareness is ‘GreenSoc’. In collaboration with CommServe and other students, they coordinate resident involvement with Earth Hour, Clean Up Australia Day, reducing food wastage, looking after the College veggie patch, and other sustainability initiatives.

Each year, there are more ways for residents to give back: fundraising for mental health services like Headspace and the Black Dog Institute, Operation Christmas Child, the Red Cross Blood Drive, sponsoring children through Compassion, and much more.


New College Postgraduate Village (NCPV)

NCPV’s mission is to foster a diverse and supportive community founded on Christian faith and values that encourages academic excellence, service to society and lifelong learning. Many of our residents demonstrate ‘service to society’ by actively caring for the community in Sydney and around the world.

Students have been involved with a wide range of charitable initiatives. More recently, residents have sold their unwanted clothing and raised hundreds of dollars for student scholarships in rural Cambodia; run a bake sale fundraiser for Autism Spectrum Australia; and helped out at the Newtown Mission Jordan Café.

As home to a group of motivated and passionate individuals, NCPV is a great place to use your energy and initiative to give something back to the local and wider community.