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You have the chance to help support outstanding New Collegians of the future.

Similar to any educational institution, the strength of the New College Communities is our network of support - financial and otherwise. One of our biggest challenges is finding sufficient funds so that the New College Communities can:

  • Offer scholarships and bursary assistance to make our Colleges more accessible to students experiencing financial difficulty or other hardship
  • Resource our advancement (i.e. renovating existing infrastructure as needed) and ensure expansion
  • Support the work of CASE and the New College Lectures as they provide a Christian perspective on social, intellectual and academic issues

Why support the New College Communities?

You have the chance to help support outstanding New Collegians of the future. The young people who live in our communities are studying at UNSW to grow into tomorrow’s leaders, community builders, researchers, carers for the environment and advocates for justice. Living at New College or New College Postgraduate Village (NCV) provides these students with a 'home away from home', opportunities for personal and professional growth, and an unforgettable experience of community. Your support is crucial in making this opportunity accessible for as many young people as possible.

Gifts to New College and NCV are fully tax deductible so we encourage you to consider this benefit when planning your giving options. Whether large or small, regular donations allow us to build programs of support for each new generation of collegians.

What can you support?

  • New College Alumni Scholarship
  • Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship
  • Stuart Barton Babbage Fellowship
  • Bursary assistance
  • Indigenous scholarships
  • Scholarships (unrestricted)

We encourage you to select a way of supporting the New College Communities that reflects your interests, values and commitment to the College.

How can you support?

Donate Online

Monetary donations can also be made:

  • By phone on (02) 9381 1999
  • By emailing the New College Office at
  • By mailing a cheque to New College, UNSW, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia

Cash donations may be made towards activities at the College or for personal property (books, manuscripts, art, musical instruments or other collectibles) that can be displayed securely in the College on your behalf. All cash donations are tax deductible.