Master & CEO

Adjunct Professor William (Bill) Peirson, Master

William (Bill) Peirson is the Master & Chief Executive Officer of New College and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Sydney. His role involves the overall management of New College and New College Postgraduate Village. He provides leadership for all aspects of college life including pastoral oversight, academic support, development of New College and the relationship of the College to the alumni, University and wider community. Adj Prof Peirson is the Director of the Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship and Education (CASE). He was also formerly the Director of the UNSW Water Research Laboratory at the Northern Beaches Campus where he continues to supervise and conduct research. 

Bill Peirson


Ms Edwina Hine, Dean of Residents (New College Postgraduate Village)

The Dean Of Residents oversees the pastoral care and academic tutorial programs for the residents at New College Postgraduate Village. This involves coordinating the NCPV Senior Resident Team and Academic Tutors. Edwina works with Lucille Coleman on the NCPV admissions process. The Dean Of Residents lives on-site at New College Postgraduate Village.

Edwina Hine

Mr Jonathan Billingham, Dean of Residents (New College)

Jonathan oversees the pastoral care programs for the residents at the undergraduate New College. This involves coordinating the team of Resident Advisers to ensure all New Collegians are best supported during their membership of the College. The Dean’s responsibilities also include interviewing all prospective residents, coordinating formal dinners, coordinating the Christian College Services, liaising with stakeholders for a plethora community activities, and managing the ebb and flow of residents through their stay at College. The Dean Of Residents lives onsite with his family at New College. Jonathan Billingham is also a composer and musician, and he continues to practice and study within the discipline.

Jonathan Billingham

Rev. Dr. AJ Culp, Dean of Studies

A.J. Culp serves as the Dean of Studies for New College Communities. His role involves three primary areas of responsibility: student tutoring; New College Annual Lectures; and The Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship and Education (CASE) and its journal. In this capacity, he gives oversight especially to the intellectual life of the community, cultivating student excellence and continuing the New College legacy of Christian cultural engagement. Prior to coming to New College, A.J. served as Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Languages (in the U.S., U.K., and Australia) and as a theological educator in the local church. He remains active in scholarship, holding various research appointments and writing at the intersection of Scripture, education, and formation.

AJ Culp

Editor of  Case Quarterly

Dr Dani Scarratt, Associate Editor

Dani is the Associate Editor of the publication Case  Quarterly. The Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship and Education (CASE) equips Christians to understand their faith and talk about it creatively and intelligently. CASE also provides an open, intellectual environment in which non-Christian enquirers and sceptics can seek and obtain meaningful input about the relevance of the Christian faith.

Dani Scarratt

Resident Services Staff

Mrs Iris Huang, Bursar

Iris is an FCPA and is responsible for the College finances, and as Company Secretary, co-ordinates the activities of the Board and Finance Committee (meeting agendas, papers etc. as well as statutory and tax reporting). Additionally, she is responsible for human resources, the managing and coordination of major contracts including insurance, catering, phones and IT. Iris works closely with Sue Cheng the Accounts Officer, to ensure the College income and expenses are processed efficiently and accurately.

Iris Huang

Mrs Tracey Laming, Deputy Bursar

Tracey supports the Bursar to look after the financial, compliance and supplier management of the college, as well as the human resources and payroll. Tracey will also act in the Bursar’s role when the Bursar is on leave, including company secretarial duties.

Tracey Laming

Ms Sue Cheng, Accounts Officer

Sue is responsible for invoicing students and processing transactions with external companies.

Sue Cheng

Executive Assistant to the Master

The Acting EA is Clare Burgess. To contact the EA, email:

Clare works both as the Master’s Executive Assistant and as the Resident Services and Admissions Staff Supervisor, overseeing the needs of the Master and the office. Clare is also kept busy looking after casual accommodation and event bookings.

Clare Burgess

Sally Chen, Admissions Officer

Sally is usually the first member of the New College staff that prospective residents will speak with or have contact with. She processes applications submitted by prospective New College and NCPV residents. Prospective residents can question Sally about the College and the application process and request a tour of the college buildings.

Sally Chen

Karen Hunter, Receptionist/Student Services (New College)

Karen is the first point of contact for the residents and the public, especially for student administrative and finance services for New College. Karen fields a number of inward flowing communications and enquiries.

  Karen Hunter

Ms Connie Cheah, Receptionist/Student Services (New College Postgraduate Village)

Connie is the receptionist at NCPV. In her role she is the first point of contact for the residents and the public, especially for student administrative and finance services. She fields a number of inward flowing communications and enquiries.

Connie Cheah

Ms Ginette Moffett, Maintenance Supervisor

Ginette is head of the maintenance and cleaning staff. She is the first point of contact for contractors, and she delegates team duties and inspects completed jobs. You may even find her lending a hand with a screwdriver or cleaning trolley.

Ginette Moffett

Mr Anton Leron, Maintenance Officer

Anton is responsible for managing the day-to-day programmed maintenance, cleaning and repair programs at New College & NCPV.

  Anton Leron

Mr Daniel Higgins, Catering Manager

Daniel is responsible for managing the catering at New College Communities, as well as the chefs and other catering staff on site as they carry out food preparation and service for residents and staff.

Daniel Higgins

Communications Staff 

Mr Ward Lucas, Advancement Manager

Ward is responsible for the overall leadership and management of internal and external community relations, communications, admissions, events, marketing, philanthropy and archives of the New College Communities.

Mr Nicholas Walker, Public Relations Officer

Nicholas works alongside the Advancement Manager, focusing on college marketing to support the Advancement team in their outreach to prospective student residents, parents, alumni and friends of our colleges.

Ms Misako Morita, Communications Officer

Misako works alongside the Advancement Manager, focus on communications, events and other activities that assist the Advancement team in their outreach to alumni and friends of our colleges.

Mr Peter Tyas, Technical Support Officer

Peter assists in managing the systems of the college, such as databases, interfaces, and online spaces. He also provides technical support to the staff and looks after AV at College events.