Student Association

The New College Students' Association (NCSA) represents the student body at New College. It seeks to promote community and encourage residents’ active participation in university and College life. Each year, students elect a leadership team, known as the NCSA Executive, to run the association and coordinate activities.

NCSA Executive 2024

President - Ronald Siu

Secretary - Miriam Sholl

Treasurer -  Angus Skrbinsek

Male Sports Director -  Gus Murray

Female Sports Director - Ellen Carter

Social Directors -  Abigail Lukins & Kellen Young

Communities Coordinator - Chris McCoy

Community Service Leader - Samantha Walker

NCSA Honorary Life Members

One of the greatest honours that the NCSA can bestow upon a New Collegian is Honorary Life Membership. This award is given to those who go above and beyond in their involvement at New College, and who exemplify the ideals for which the College stands.

Richard Butler
John Davis
Graeme Mell
Michael Tidball
Warren McDonald
Jack Chapman
Perry Wiles
Dr Ian Walker
Dr John Quinn
Dr Angela Barrett
Dr Rebecca Barnes
Dr James Pietsch
Katherine Theodor
Dr Kim Hoa Rogers
Benjamin Gooley
Annabel Paul
George Davis