NC Research group

Research Support

The New College Communities have a strong commitment to supporting academic research and striving for academic excellence.

Academic Leadership 

Bill speaking at 50th anniversary
Adjunct Prof Bill Peirson

Academic excellence and lifelong learning are evident at all levels of our community. Adjunct Prof Bill Peirson leads the New College Communities as Master while maintaining his own academic research career. Prior to becoming Master, Adjunct Prof Peirson had been the Director of the Water Research Laboratory (WRL) in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW, Co-Director of the UNSW Water Research Centre, and Co-Convenor of Node 4 Infrastructure within the Australian Climate Change Adaptation Network for Settlements and Infrastructure. Adjunct Prof Peirson continues to conduct research in the area of large-scale water engineering at WRL, and supervises a number of honours and PhD students each year. 

Visiting Researchers & Fellows

Dr Wah Guan Lim with Dawn Ee
NCPV Resident Fellow, Dr Wah Guan Lim

New College and New College Postgraduate Village offer casual accommodation to academic visitors throughout the year. We have had researchers from a variety of disciplines stay with us and involve themselves in the academic life of the Colleges.

NCPV Research Seminars

Research Seminar
Research Seminar

As NCPV is home to many research students, the Master, Dean Of Residents and Senior Academic Tutor ensure that each year there is a diverse program of research seminars. These meetings provide an opportunity for students to practice presenting their research, gain valuable feedback, and learn about a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Research Seminars occur, on average, once a fortnight, and often consist of sharing research-related news and methods, presentations and celebrations of achievement, including publications, conference proceedings, successful experiments, completed chapters, and ethics approvals. At times, established academics, the New College Communities staff, and Resident Fellows will present their work.