Academic Tutoring

At New College and New College Postgraduate Village (NCV), we have a long history of valuing academic achievement.

The Master continues to be a Senior UNSW academic and remains actively involved in research and scholarship.

New College Alumni have gone on to complete higher degrees at some of the world's leading institutions, such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and MIT. A high percentage of College members are currently achieving at least a distinction average. Historically, over 45% of our Collegians receive a distinction average each year.

The College aims to foster an environment in which students can achieve to their full potential. As part of this, Academic Tutors are available within the college and academic achievement is rewarded with annual awards given to our highest achieving students.

In each year, Academic Tutors are appointed within the College to assist students with their studies. Our tutors are typically senior undergraduates who have done well in their own studies and who are willing and able to assist students in junior years. The type of assistance given varies from discipline to discipline, and may take the form of formal tutorials or one-on-one tutoring. The composition of the tutoring team also varies from year to year, dependent on the composition of the College communities.

Academic Tutors for 2021

New College

Senior Academic Tutor

Clare Freeman - 1st Year Engineering; study & professional skills

Academic Tutors

Chloe Bobbin - Creative Arts & Design

Thomas Chin - Physics & Education

Jasper Di Francesco - Computing

Clare Faulkner - Medicine

Aaron Madirazza - Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Samuel Pietsch - Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Felix Scott - Algebra & Higher Mathematics

Jasmin Valentine - Law, Business & Finance

Adela Davis is available by appointment to provide support in Arts, History & Psychology.

New College Postgraduate Village (NCV)

Senior Academic Tutor

Anna Xavier

Academic Tutors

Jonathan Hopkins – Engineering/Maths

Sarah Stanway – Medicine

Jenny Chen – English language support