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Senior Undergraduates

Senior Undergraduate Accommodation Options

Both of our communities, New College and New College Postgraduate Village welcome senior undergraduates.

New College

The vast majority of residents at New College are undergraduates, and so you would feel right at home in this community. While many arrive at College as first years, some arrive later, and still more remain in College for a number of years. From day one, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet people and make friends, helped along by a wide variety of social, sporting and cultural events. Our Dean Of Residents and team of Resident Advisers are available for pastoral care, and our team of Academic Tutors provide academic support. Residents have their own private room. The shared bathrooms are single-sex, containing private facilities (two showers and two toilets per group – up to 9 residents). New College is fully catered and provides a weekly laundering service for bed linen.

There is loyalty fee program for eligible undergraduates who have been living in the College for two or more years.

New College Postgraduate Village (NCPV)

NCPV is home to a mixture of undergraduate, postgraduate and other students. NCPV would be your community of choice if you are looking for more independent on-campus accommodation. There is a Dean Of Residents and teams of Senior Residents and Academic Tutors dedicated to pastoral care and academic support. You will find an immense breadth of ages and cultures at NCPV. This community offers self-catered and partially-catered options. Residents live in apartments or self-contained studios. All rooms have their own private bathroom. Social, sporting, cultural and academic events regularly bring the community together.



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