If you are a postgraduate at the University of New South Wales, you will feel right at home at New College Postgraduate Village (NCV).

NCV is our residential college for full or part-time postgraduate students enrolled at UNSW. NCV also admits a number of undergraduates (more often in their upper-years). NCV offers independent apartment and studio-style living, with self-catering and partially-catered options. All rooms are air-conditioned and have their own private bathroom.

You will find a highly supportive academic community at NCV, equipped with a team of Academic Tutors and an excellent program of research seminars throughout the year. NCV is far more than just a place to live and study, providing many opportunities to meet people and socialise as well. NCV is an ideal home away from home for postgraduate students seeking a balance between personal space and a strong sense of community.

The College offers a small number of scholarships that postgraduates can apply for. This includes the Stuart Barton Babbage Fellowship.

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