Life Fellows

Life Fellowship is the highest honour that New College can bestow. It recognises and honours those who have served the College with distinction and who exemplify the ideals for which the College stands.
Adjunct Prof Trevor Cairney OAM
Rev Dr Canon Stuart B. Babbage AM
Rev Dr Bruce N. Kaye AM
Assoc Prof Keith K. Watson
Deaconess Margaret A. Rodgers AM
Mr Ian H. Campbell
Hon Justice Reginald O. Blanch AM
Emeritus Prof Austin A. Hukins
Mr George A. Collins
Emeritus Prof John W. Nevile AM
Mr Maxwell I. Dickens
Mrs Alison G. Reid
Rt Rev John R. Reid
Emeritus Prof Lawrence E. Lyons
Mrs Alison C. Lyons
Mr William (Bill) H. Barwick
Emeritus Scientia Prof Christine A. Alexander