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New College Lectures

The Lectures are the College's flagship scholarly event. They are a forum for discussion of contemporary life and society, viewed through a Christian lens.

In 1986, the College set up a Trust to conduct an annual series of public lectures. This resulted in the formation of the New College Lectures. Each New College lecturer is asked to take up some important issue or aspect of contemporary society and to comment on it from the standpoint of their Christian faith and profesional expertise. These lectures have become an important contribution to public intellectual life, attracting large interest and generating much discussion throughout the New College Communities, the University, and wider society.

2020 - Family & Faith in a Multicultural Society | Professor Patrick Parkinson


Watch the 2020 Lectures:

Lecture #1 - Family    Lecture #2 - Religious Freedom   Lecture #3 - After Christendom?

Read the 2020 Lectures transcripts:

Lecture #1 - Family   Lecture #2 - Religious Freedom   Lecture #3 - After Christendom?

2019 - Faith, Hope and Love

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Watch the 2019 Lectures below: