The Fool And The Heretic

Friday 17 March, 2023
6:00 PM
Type: CASE Events
Location: New College, Main Common Room
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$40 Adult (including dinner)
$20 Student (including dinner)
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Many Christians are confused, or have questions, about how the creation account in the book of Genesis fits with the science they were taught at school or university. In March 2023, we’re hosting an evening on this topic that will explain the main issues of this highly debated topic.

Our two speakers, Darrel Falk and Todd Wood, are specialists in biology and genetics. One is a creationist, the other a theistic evolutionist, positions often labelled as foolish on the one hand, or heretical on the other.

Over the course of the evening, there will be two sessions. In the first session each speaker will explain his own position and why he holds it. We will then break for dinner and dessert, which are included in the cost of your ticket. After dinner the speakers will explain how they came to respect and understand one another despite ongoing differences. There will then be a short question time to finish the night. The speakers are live and in person on the night. If you are unable to travel to New College in Kensington to hear the talks live, we are also offering a livestream option that you can tune in to watch the event.


6:00pm      Dinner
6:30pm      Livestream Commences
6:40pm      Session 1: Two opposing views on creation and why they matter
                  Coffee & Dessert break
8:20pm      Session 2: A conversation about moving beyond labels
                  Question Time

About The Speakers

Todd Wood earned a B.S. in biology from Liberty University and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Virginia. He is the founding president of Core Academy of Science, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to helping Christian students navigate the challenges of science and faith.

Darrel Falk (PhD in genetics, University of Alberta) is professor emeritus at Point Loma University and a senior advisor to BioLogos, an organisation he helped start, aimed at contributing to the discussion of the relationship between science and religion from a Christian evolutionist point of view.

What Is CASE?

The Centre for Christian Apologetics, Scholarship and Education was established as a ministry of New College in 2002 by Prof Trevor Cairney. The CASE Centre aims to provide Christian commentary on social, intellectual and academic issues, and engage people of all persuasions in debate and discussion concerning contemporary issues of broad interest.  It does this through the CASE website, the Case Quarterly publication, regular comment by our expert columnists, in-depth articles by local and international authors, occasional seminars, conferences, and the JustInCase blog.

The CASE Centre reaches well beyond traditional ‘defence’ apologetics, and seeks to encourage people to consider the claims of Christianity and bring a biblical perspective to all of life. It does this in many ways:

  • Providing Christian comment on areas of popular and intellectual culture (e.g. music, art, literature, history, science, philosophy, anthropology)
  • Encouraging Christians to live thoughtfully in the way they approach day-to-day life (e.g. work, money, family, social justice)
  • Helping people understand and respond to direct challenges to Christianity (e.g. New Atheism, scientism, the problem of evil, and historical challenges)
  • Providing Christian comment on societal trends (e.g. new technology, globalisation, climate change, changing families)
  • Exploring potential ethical conflicts between Christianity and the world (e.g. euthanasia, sexuality & gender, consumerism)
  • Encouraging Christians to engage the non-Christian world with faithfulness, integrity and understanding.

Commendations of Darrel Falk & Todd Wood’s book, The Fool and the Heretic (Harper Collins, 2019)

In an increasingly polarized world, the Christian community often seems as riven with fractious debates as society at large. This wonderful book offers a refreshingly different model of respectful dialogue and a vision of what really matters in these discussions. To those struggling with issues of creation and evolution, it is a godsend.

Dr. Peter Harrison,
Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Queensland 

I came to this book with much trepidation, even suspicion, and, indeed, reading it was an unsettling experience. But I also found that the stories unfolding within its pages were compelling, fascinating, and often deeply moving. And perhaps I was able also to discern the Holy Spirit of God at work in the lives of these two men, who, despite their profound, seemingly intractable differences on origins, were willing to make themselves vulnerable to engage with one another at more than a superficial level. Reading this book certainly didn't change my mind about origins, but perhaps that was never the point.

Paul Garner,
Researcher and lecturer, Biblical Creation Trust

I remember how often in my childhood I relished listening to a good, solid debate among my elders. The sort that looked hard into a matter, took its time to develop, and evaluated the consequences of each position. Standing at opposite ends of the current debate in evangelicalism, Todd and Darrel present us with their take on this vital and, at times, difficult debate. They do so with conviction and forcefulness coupled with humility, love, and a commitment to the Lord and his Word. The result is a serious (and very personal) dialog among respected leaders in this field. Gather round, kids. The adults are talking.

Dr. Marcus R. Ross,
Professor of geology; director, Center for Creation Studies, Liberty University

This book is a rare gem. Nowhere else will you read a conversation like this---an honest dialogue between two Christian biologists who disagree about evolution. They have opposing views on an issue that is deeply important to them, yet they choose to keep talking---because of Christ. This book shows the hard work needed to love one's enemy and seek the unity of believers. This is the authentic dialogue that our churches need today.

Dr. Deborah Haarsma,
President, BioLogos

This book is not going to help you decide whether evolution is true. It does something far better! Jesus calls us to a cruciform life, and with vulnerability and candor, Wood and Falk model for us how to be Christlike in the face of serious differences that really matter. While contemporary society knows only polarity and conflict, this book points to a countercultural way of being together in Christ.

Dr. John W. Hilber,
Professor of Old Testament, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

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